Friday, February 01, 2008

Childhood Super Bowl Memories

Super Bowl XI: Raiders 32
Vikings 14

This is the first Super Bowl I can remember watching. I was 5 years old and I watched it at the house on Palouse. The Raiders Beat the Vikings up and stole their lunch money.

Super Bowl XII: Cowboys 27
Broncos 10

I watched this Super Bowl at Grandfathers. If the Raiders were bullies, the cowboys were the snobs who beat you without even trying. Grandfather always rooted against the the Cowboys. At the time I thought the shot gun was unfair and should have been banned.

Super Bowl: XIII: Steelers 35
Cowboys 31

I watched this Super Bowl at grandfathers. This Is one of the few Super Bowls where two really great teams met. I remember thinking the Steelers would win. I was right.

Super Bowl XIV: Steelers 31
Rams 19

This was January of 1980. I started my day in Spokane WA. My hockey team had an early Sunday morning game at the Lilac city ice arena. We got home just in time for the start of the game. This was the last Superbowl of the Steelers dynasty. I remember the Rams leading at the end of the third quarter and sprinting to the other side of the field to start the fourth quarter. Terry Bradshaw hit two long touchdown passes in the final 15:00 and the announcers mentioned about 100 time that John Stalworth was the most underrated receiver in football.

Super Bowl XV: Raiders 27
Eagles 10

This was very similar to the Raiders victory in Super Bowl XI. The Raiders mugged the
Eagles and earned another Superbowl trophy for Al Davis.

Super Bowl XVI: 49'ers 26
Bengals 21

This is the beginning of the the 49er's Dynasty. I remember watching part of the game on the big screen T.V. at the Stereo shop at the East gate mall.

Super Bowl XVII: Redskins 27
Dolphins 17

This was the strike shortened season. It didn't seem like the Dolphins really wanted to be Tackling John Riggins.

Super Bowl XV: Raiders 38
Redskins 9

I missed the first half of this game. I was playing the viola at a youth orchestra concert at Cordiner Hall. Who schedules a concert the same time as the Super Bowl?
This was one of the most impressive team performances in Super Bowl history because the Raiders blew out a very good Redskin team.

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Mike Barer said...

I remember when people watched the Super Bowl to see a football game, nobody cared about the halftime show or the commercials.