Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bracketology, George Mason and the Huckin Fuskies

Darn George Mason, Darn them all to heck!

They are the reason why my boss is two games ahead of me in our NCAA basketball pool. George Mason one of his late round garbage picks
defeated two of my top teams Michigan st and North Carolina. Due to these events I am going to have to root for Conneticut to beat the UW in order for me to have any chance to rally and win the $20 pool.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March Madness

No reality show can match the excitement of the first round of the NCAA tourney.
Unlike pro basketball the college game is one and done. You'll be watching a game go into 2 over times completely exhausting the players and the fans and those watching on TV. Then they will switch to another games where it's a one point game with a minute and a half left the lead has changed hans thirty times in the game and will change hands five more time in the next 90 seconds with each shot being more spectacular then the last. When that game concludes they will switch to a one versus 16 match up where some small college from the middle of nowhere has a five point lead in the second half over the invincible #1 team in the country. Even though your worn out from the excitement of the previous games you become completely rivited.

This year the guys at work decided to organize a march madness pool. I pride myself on my sports sports knowledge. Unfortunately this year I watched virtually
no colege basketball in the regular season. I have watched sports center and I bought into the hype that the big east was the best conference so I stocked up on big east teams. The first day of the tourney this strategery looked disasterous as the big east lost it's first three games. On the positive side I was able to pick three #1 seeds as everyone was busy picking their favorite teams(gonzaga/wash). After the second day of action I am 1 game off the lead in a second place tie. Things are really going to have to break my way in order for me to win the pool.

It' really is a great time to be a sports fan with both the mens and womens tourney in full swing. The Pros getting ready for the playoffs. Even the world baseball clasic is fun to watch even though we (the u.s.) have been beaten in international play once again in one of the sports we created

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 06

It's almost 9:00 as I am sitting here typing. Sportscenter is on my T.V.(highlights of FSU upsetting #1 Duke) abd Dawn is sleeping on my couch.

Six years ago my dad sold the house I grew up in and I really had no emotion about it.A little over a week ago we finished cleaning my grandfathers house. During my grade school years I spent allmost every friday night at that house. AS I walked through the empty house the memories came flooding back. Life was just so darn simple back then and incredibly fun.