Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My weekend

Dawn and I are big fans of the dog whisperer TV show. On friday we got to see my cousin Burl appear on the show. Burl's dog Isis and his girlfriend's dog Tina were
not getting along. So Ceasar MIlan the dog whisperer was brought in to help the two dogs coexist. Ceasar seemed to have success as he had both dog's were walking on the same leash within minutes. Burl was quite entertaining and he got his books plugged.
Besides Burl's segment they had a segment on a dog that ate evrything in the house and almost died from an ubstruction after eating a large chunk of carpet. Ceasar prescribes more exercise and the dogs behavior noticebly imoroved. The final segment featured dogs that had survived hurricane Katrina. Ceasar took three refugee dogs into his pack. It was interesting to see how they fit in with the other dogs. All in all in was a very good episode of the show.

Dawn and I went to the Animal clinic on Saturday and took home Tag the min pin for the weekend. Tag's owner has been in the hospital for a month so Tag has been bording at the clinic. We decided to spring him for a couple of days. It was quite and adventure for him as he got to hang out at both my place and Dawn's. Which are both nicer then a dog run. While Tag was at Dawn's he encountered Puff the cat. Puff spent the better part of two day stalking Tag. Puff even got so bold as to pounce on Tag a couple of times. By the time the super bowl arrived on Sunday the tide had turned.Puff cornered Tag and the min pin chased Puff out of the room. Dawn then ran up the stairs got Puff and had Puff and Tag sit on either side of her and the to animals looked like Yasir Arafat and Ben Netanyau when Clinton made them come to the white house for cease fire talks.