Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thoughts From Steven J

Several weeks ago as I was preparing to get out of bed I listened to Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN II. They were promoting the Mike and Mike celebrity roast. Now I know celebrity roasts were once cool so sayeth the Guthy Renker infomercials for the Dean Marin celebrity roasts. But this isn't the 1970's and celebrity roast and political correctness don't go together.

My intuition told me some one was bound to get themselves into trouble. Sure enough ESPN II First Take host Dana Jacobson got herself into deep trouble when she went up to the dais swilling vodka and decided it would be a good idea to go on a anti Notre Dame rant. Dana's colorful metaphors in regards to touchdown Jesus and Notre Dame led to a week long suspension from her show. She is fortunate that the tape didn't see the light of day. In the end I think ESPN was fair. Hopefully the network will think twice before sponsoring anymore roasts.

I really enjoy my cousin Lee Goldberg's blog that pays tribute to T.v. show theme songs. It's not that I am nostalgic for the shows, it that I find myself curious. I see their was a show called super train in 1979 then I find myself googeling the show to find out what it was about and what the actors are doing today.

Back to Mike and Mike in the morning. One of the big topics last week was a poll that listed the greatest NFL teams of all time. My pick for the top spot goes to the 84-85 49ers who had a 15-1 record and seemed to have a pro bowl player at every position. Of course the 84-85 team didn't finish in the top ten in the ESPN poll. This leaves me scratching my head. Did no one see the Super bowl that year? A little research show that it was one of the highest rated Super bowls of all time. Well I guess people have short memories. I do remember watching the game I also remember recording it(and amazingly I still have the tape . Two things stick out on the tape, ABC's constant promotion of the new "hit"??? show Magruder and Loud (I'll be impressed when that theme song shows up on cousin Lee's blog). The other notable tidbit from the game is that a teenage Teri Hatcher(superman and desperate housewives) was a cheerleader for the 49er's at the time and is shown repeatedly on the sidelines.

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