Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thoughts From Steven J

Several weeks ago as I was preparing to get out of bed I listened to Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN II. They were promoting the Mike and Mike celebrity roast. Now I know celebrity roasts were once cool so sayeth the Guthy Renker infomercials for the Dean Marin celebrity roasts. But this isn't the 1970's and celebrity roast and political correctness don't go together.

My intuition told me some one was bound to get themselves into trouble. Sure enough ESPN II First Take host Dana Jacobson got herself into deep trouble when she went up to the dais swilling vodka and decided it would be a good idea to go on a anti Notre Dame rant. Dana's colorful metaphors in regards to touchdown Jesus and Notre Dame led to a week long suspension from her show. She is fortunate that the tape didn't see the light of day. In the end I think ESPN was fair. Hopefully the network will think twice before sponsoring anymore roasts.

I really enjoy my cousin Lee Goldberg's blog that pays tribute to T.v. show theme songs. It's not that I am nostalgic for the shows, it that I find myself curious. I see their was a show called super train in 1979 then I find myself googeling the show to find out what it was about and what the actors are doing today.

Back to Mike and Mike in the morning. One of the big topics last week was a poll that listed the greatest NFL teams of all time. My pick for the top spot goes to the 84-85 49ers who had a 15-1 record and seemed to have a pro bowl player at every position. Of course the 84-85 team didn't finish in the top ten in the ESPN poll. This leaves me scratching my head. Did no one see the Super bowl that year? A little research show that it was one of the highest rated Super bowls of all time. Well I guess people have short memories. I do remember watching the game I also remember recording it(and amazingly I still have the tape . Two things stick out on the tape, ABC's constant promotion of the new "hit"??? show Magruder and Loud (I'll be impressed when that theme song shows up on cousin Lee's blog). The other notable tidbit from the game is that a teenage Teri Hatcher(superman and desperate housewives) was a cheerleader for the 49er's at the time and is shown repeatedly on the sidelines.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

And Another Thing That Gets Me Fired Up

The democratic and republican parties in the state of Washington will hold caucuses on February 9th. They will also hold primaries on the 19th????

A 1988 initiative mandates a primary. hence we have A primary. The democrats will hold a primary on the 19th and if you swear on a stack of bibles that you are a democrat they will hand you a ballot and you will fill it out and then they will crumple it up and toss it in the waste basket. Gee thanks

The republicans aren't much better. At least they are giving some weight to the primary
in choosing delegates.

While it is important to vote. Both parties have banded together to do everything in their power to thwart the will of the electorate. I an am disillusioned by both parties and I will not be participating in their primacaucuses.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BUBKES DRECK from a pair of GONIFS in the news this week

As I have have said before on this blog I don't need to have a rooting interest in a game or a political contest to enjoy watching the proceedings. I usually just sit back and enjoy the show with little if any emotional involvement.

My Grandfather on the other hand watched sports and politics with the zeal of a pro wrestling fan. Cheering the mensh and booing the momzer. While interjecting the occasional Yiddish word or phrase.

This post is in grandfathers honor.

I found two people in the news this week that are so irritating they have even been able to get under MY skin.

Mitt Romney needs a klop in kop

While I would urge UCLA alumni to put down their lokshen and examine the whole Rick Neuheisel mishegoss at the U.W. Then ask your administration fahr vuss.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oh Yea, We Had A Wind Storm

"All I wanted was the simple things. A simple kind of life"
Gwen Stefani

"You're doing a heck of a job Brownie"
George W. Bush

"Where the heck is Brownie"
Steven J. Barer after 48 hours with no electricity or heat

Just as our lives were starting to return to some normalcy. We had a wind storm.

Growing up in Walla Walla I have experienced some prodigious wind storms. The old house on Palouse Street had several old trees that made quite a ruckus when strong winds blew through. Occasionally you would hear a creak and you would wonder if one of those big limbs was about to fall on you. The next day you would drive/ride around and see branches and limbs down here and there.(Palouse street was hit very hard by the wind storm as was the Walla Walla country club)

Friday January 4th we had a wind storm unlike any I have experienced before.

The front door at work opens and closes on it's own when we have brisk winds. Around 9:00 am on Friday the door started to gently open and close on it's own. Soon it started opening and closing more violently. Finally we had to lock the front door to keep it from slamming shut. Meanwhile the lights flickered on and off eventually going off for good.

By 11:00 the winds subsided and it was time for me to go to lunch. With all the stop lights out I was focused on the road. The reality of the situation set in when I arrived home to find the pine tree across the street uprooted and laying perilously
across the power line.

I Headed back to work at 12:00 only to be sent home at 2:30 due to us shutting down for the day. I spent Friday night with Dawn in a cold dark house.

Early Saturday morning I took the dogs for long walk. Every block had at least one big tree down some resting against power lines others crushing porches and a few smashing cars. It looked like a war zone.

Monday I went back to work. My coworkers were discussing what time on Friday they got electricity back. I chimed in that we got our power back at 5:30 last night(meaning Sunday) they all looked at me and said "you mean Saturday" no Sunday night.

Despite my whining and our long cold dark weekend, we were very very lucky.