Friday, December 30, 2005


Next Wednesday the USC Trojans play the Texas Longhorns for the "national championship". These are the two best teams in college football. It's darn near imposible to pick this games beacuase both teams have been sleep walking through the season.ESPN has had a series during sportcenter for the last two weeks where
they have compared sc to the great teams of all time. Mark May had sc beating all of the top teams with the exception of the 95 nebraska cornhuskers. Kirk Herbsteit had the trojans beating everyone except the 2001 Miami Huricanes. This could be a bad omen for the trojans. Usc has the best offense I have ever seen in college football
The defense is very talented and athletics but is inexperienced and has been cursed by injuries. The key to this game is weather USC defense rises to the challenge.

Sunday fight night

The Japanese mixed martial arts oraganization the pride fighting championships Will have their big new years show on ppv on sunday evening. The bouts actually take place early saturday morning are time. So I will have to avoid the online spoilers for a bout 36 hours. Here are my picks.

fedor over Zulinho
Arona Over V Silva
Henderson over Bustamante
Gomi over Sakurai
Yoshida over Ogawa
Filipovic over Hunt
Alexander E over Nastula
Thompson over G silva
Sakuraba over Minowa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Howard Cosell: "Muhammad you sound quite truculent"

Ali: "I don't I know what that means, but if it's good I'm that"

Truculent: adj. 1.Fierce; Cruel; Savage: Ferocious 2. Rude, Harsh
Mean, Scathing.

Dag nab it!

I make the daily bank deposit for our store . AS the girl was processing todays deposit I asked if she has a nice holiday weekend (as all of you know I just love small talk).The Teller was a jovahs witness and responded by saying she had a nice day off but that she doesn't celebrate the holidays. Embarassed I apologized profusely as I have been on the other end of this conversation before. she was very nice about but it still upset me. I will never do that again,

Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday shenanigans, Kobe Shaq and Hawk Talk with cameos by Don Merideth and Howard Cosell and a couple of gratuitous Snuka and Flair references

Saturday I drove to weston to pick up grandfathers girl friend Minnnie. I then brought her to town so that she could have lunch with Dawn, grandfather and myself.
It all went very well.

Dawn, and I went to the Davis residence in the evening to help with the preperations for the christmas/hanukah dinner. I peeled potatoes while Dawn helped with the stufffing.

The tradition in Dawn's house hold is to watch a christmas story during the holiday weekend (TBS shows the movie continuously for 24 hours). While I think that the movie is kind of cute. If I was fourced to watch or listen to the movie any further I would have gone completely nuts, If I haven't already.

The Miami Heat played the LA Lakers on christmas day. And shaq and Kobe did not french kiss before the game. I wonder if the reporter feel as dumb as they sound when they repeetedly ask shaq and Kobe why they don't shake hande before the game.THEY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER AND RATHER THEN PRETEND OTHERWISE THEY JUST GO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS AND PLAY THE GAME. Nothing irritates me more then when the stories surounding the game become more important then the game itself. In 2004 the Pistons played a wonderfull series and dismantled the lakers and all the media seemd to want to talk about was where shaq, kobe and phil would be the following season as if the soap opera was ten times more important then the championship that was being decided on the court.

The road to the Superbowl goes though Seattle. Not since Jack Sikma lonnie Gus and DJ and jj(oh and how could I forget can forget downtown Freddie Brown) have the hopes of a Seattle championship been so high(i am a big fan of womens sports, but the storm winning the the WNBA title is not the same)(The mariners set the record for victories in a season, but even Steveie wonder could see that they didn't match up well in a seven game series with the other top american league teams ) . Can the monsters of the monorail be any match for the monsters of the midway. Will former Huskie great Mark Brunell derail the hawks. What about the Carolina Panthers Whooooooo!( you could make a drinking game based on pro wrestling references on this blog). Then their are the giants those guys that lost in overtime in Seattle a couple of weeks back. Grandfather told me sunday that Bears Quarterback Rex GRossman is Jewish. Does this mean I should root for the bears after all how many sports heroes and can jewish kids claim. Alright I am kidding.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, or I mean Dawns house. We were supposed to get christmas presents wrapped but it didn't happen. Dawn fell asleep And I went home.
At midnight I came back, Dawn was still asleep and the presents were not wrapped and they were due to be unwraped in about 5 hours. Once again I almost had to do the superfly leap(See my article titled if it's wednesday) to wake up Dawn.
finnaly she woke up and we wrapped stuff. I fell asleep on the couch and the next thing I new I woke up and Dawn's family along with her ex husband were unwrapping presents. I received a sports illustrated year end alamanac, some cologne a reversible throw and a set of cups with cool looking dogs on them. I gave Dawn a pair of earrings.

Latter I was off to pick up grandfather as we were to go over to the davis house for christmas/hanukah dinner.Dawn's mother Darlene is a awesome cook and her skills were on display on sunday, we all had a terific dinner.

AS I started writing this entry the final ABC monday night football telecast was just ending. ABC Monday night football has been around as long as I can remember.
It was funny I was sifting though my monday night memories and Howard cosell
popped into my head "you can start singing dandy don" (I am using my howard voice as I am typing this. A split secong after Howard popped in my head Don meridith 2006 was on my TV screen singing the song( I had forgotten he was still alive). Anyhow

Sunday, December 25, 2005


The Hanukkah Song
By Adam Sandler

Put on your yalmulka here comes hanukkah
It's so much funakkah to celebrate hanukkah

Hanukah is the festival of lights,
Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights

when you feel like the only kid in town without a christmas tree
here is a list of people who are jewish, just like you and me.

David Lee Roth lights the menorah
So do james Cann, Kirk douglas, and the late Dinah Shore-ah

Guess whoe eats together at the karnickey deli
Bowser from sha na na and aurthur fonzerelli.

Paul Newmans half jewish: goldie Hawns half to,
Put them together-- what a fine looking jew

You don't need deck the halls or jingle bell rock
cause you can spin the dreidl with captain Kirk and Mr. Spock-- both Jewish

Put on your yalmulka, It's time for hanukkah
the owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs celebrates hanukkah

O J Simpson---- not a jew!
But guess who is... Hall of famer Rod Carew(he converted)

We got ann landers and her sister dear abby
Harrison ford is a quarter jewish not to shabby!

Some people think that Eboneezer scrooge is.
well hes not, but guess who is: all three stooges

So many jews are in the show biz
Tom Cruise isn't, but I herd his agent is

Tell your freind Veronica, it's time to celebrate hanukkah
I hope I get a harmonica, on this lovely lovely hanukkah

So drink your gin a tonic-ah, and smoke your marajuanic-ah [editors note: Walla Walla Barer does not advocate the use of marajuanicah during hanukkah or any other time of the year]
If you really really wanna-kah, have a happy, happy, happy, happy hanukkah.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

If It's Wednesday it's er Wake up honey

I rushed over to the animal clinic after work last night. Dawn and I then went over to visit grandfather. On the way home i picked up a salad at safeway and ate it over at Dawn's. then I went home promising to return in time for project runway. At 10:00
I returned. Dawn was sound asleep.Me: "honey wake up the show is on" Dawn "mumble"
"honey the show is on" Dawn " ". Then I went to plan b and started gently shaking her Dawn: "I'll wake up in a minute". A minute went by and she was still not up. I shook her more vigrously Dawn: "love..knock it off ". at this point i was flumoxed
then i asked myself what would Jimmy Snuka do.Then it occured to me, the superfly leap. The famous move Jimmy Snuka did in 1983 in madison square garden against Don Muraco. I know you're asking yourself, what did this move consitst of. Well, No one has described it better then Mick Foley did in his book HAVE A NICE DAY! "A TALE OF BLOOD AND SWEATSOCKS". Take it away Mick

"Immediately, Snuka climbed to the top rope, and the garden stood in unison"
"All it took was one glance upward, at the steel mesh that surounded him, and the garden started to buzz. A loud buzz that grew with each upward step that Snuka made.
After all these years it's still the most impressive site I have ever seen-the muscular Snuka standing bare foot on top the cage, his face a mask of crimson, while flashbulbs bathed him in light. In a moment it was over, but the memories will live with me forever. It was a defining moment in my life-it was then I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a wrestler, but even more, I wanted to make people feel the way I had just felt."

So as I stood on top of the dresser in Dawn's room ready to do the superfly leap several things occured to me.
1. I am not Jimmy Snuka
2. Dawn is not the magnificiant Muraco.
3. Unlike Mick Foley I never realy wanted to be a pro wrestler.Although I really did
enjoy pretending to be one when I was nine years old, but darn it I am in my
mid thirties now.
4. I don't think Dawn would aprreciate it much.

So I finally decide to get off the cag... I mean dresser.
OK back to reality, or at least reality TV that is.
Project Runway:

I was not terribly inspired by this show. So darn it all to heck I am not going to review it.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Grandfather turns 99 tommorow.
Tonight we took him out to celebrate.
Dawn and I along with minnie and my cousin
and her husband were in attendance. WE went to the oasis in Milton Freewater.
Grandfather was very happy to see minnie. And a good time was had by all.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

If It's Wednesday it's Project Runway

Project Runway is A reality show on Bravo that Dawn watches. Season two of Project Runway started last week and they just had episode three on last night. I know absolutely nothing about fashion, but I am enjoying this show. IN fact next week
I think I will start a Project Runway reveiw on this blog.

AIR! We Love Air!

Last week a law went into effect in Washington prohibiting people from smoking bars.
Dawn and I went to the Stone Hut tavern on Tuesday and I really appreciated being able to enjoy a beverage and watch a game on the big screen without having to inhale smoke from the next table. Even better we didn't smell like ash trays when we got home.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dawn and I took Dawn's neices Kristen and Calin to see Narnia. The girls really liked it.The adults thought it was visually impressive and very long.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Puff Monster

I taut I tah a putty tat. I did I did tah A putty tat.Dawn's cat "Puff Monster" enjoys some fresh air on a cold winter day.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A friday trip to the Thee-A-Tore and a Saturday wine tour

Rosencrants and Gildenstern.

this is not a law firm
an accounting firm
or the first openly gay jewish tag team(not that there would be anything wrong with that).

this is the play Dawn and I attended at the little theater on friday night.
we enjoyed it although it seemed to drag at certain points.

Saturtday I drug my lazy tuchuus out of bed and went to visit grandfather.WE shoped at super 1 and the used food store. Then We watched the start of the Army VS Navy game. At noon we went to lunch and enjoyed the wonderfull cuisine along with grandfathers friends Tom and Leonard.

After lunch I had to rush home and change because Dawn, Darlene(Dawn's mom)and I were going wine tasting. Saturday was the big Day where most of walla walla 50+
wineries have open houses. We fist visited Amavi cellars then walker across the street to Canoe ridge. Then we got on the highway and drove out to Three rivers
and Le cole. We enjoyed the wine an ate lots of good horse divers.