Sunday, February 18, 2007

Minnie turns 90

My grandfathers former girlfriend Minnie Klein turned 90 today. A very nice celebration took place at the Long Branch in Weston Oregon. Dawn and I were able to attend along with my cousin and her husband who were visiting . We all had a great time at the party.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A New Cat a New Dog and a New Blog

I have a new dog named Buddy. Buddy is a black poodle that loves to play with his tennis ball.

We also have a new black cat named spider who loves to wrestle with are other cat Puff.
Spider also likes to play with the Budster.

I also have a new blog

The presidential election

As Jesse Ventura proved electoral politics and Pro wrestling are much more similar then most would like to admit.

The problem with pro wrestling these days is that the writers all seem to have A.D.D.
they don't give the story lines enough time to build and develop. The 2008 presidential election will not have that problem as the story lines are thick and will have plenty of time to grow. The result will be record participation in the process and huge ratings for the news networks.

Both professions require good public speaking skills. Success is determined in politics by vote count in wrestling it is determined by ticket sales, To get people vote for you or to pay to watch you perform you need to give people a reason to support you. One need to inspire people to get off their couch and get involved.

As this election goes forward it will be really interesting to see who connects with the people. Their is such a wide variety of Characters it will be fascinating to see who breaks out of the pack and who gets lost in the shuffle.

Here are some other question I have about the 08 election.

1. When will the media turn on Barrack Obama
2. How will Obama react when things get tough?
3. Will Hillary change Peoples perception of her? (I have herd at least six
democrats tell me they would vote Republican if Hillary was nominated)
4. Do people really believe Hillary has a chance?
5. Will Hillary vulnerability in a general election make a difference in the
6. Will six straight years of campaigning pay off for John Edwards?
7. Can Edwards position himself as the most electable of the three?
8. How many times will Joe Biden stick his foot in his mouth?
9. Will Govenor Richardson give a good account of himself?
10.When will Christopher Dodd drop out od the race?
11. Will John Mcain sink due to his support of the Iraq war?
12.Will Rudy Gulliani gain any traction in the primaries?
13.How will the religous right accept Mormon Mitt Romny?
14.Witch one of the right wingers will emerge from the pack Brownback, Huckabee?
15.Will the republican monimee in 08 campaign with with president Bush?

RIP Eddie Feigner

The Superbowl tree

Today we finally took down the super bowl tree.
we've decided it's not a Chanukah tree or a Christmas tree it's the super bowl tree.
It goes up the day before Christmas and comes down after the super bowl.