Monday, November 21, 2005

Random stuff

Dawn and I watched the fights(ufc ppv) Saturday night. I am now a perfect 6-0 picking fights on this blog. I realize no one reading this understands the significance of that, needless to say if I were in Las Vegas and a betting guy I would have made more money in two nights then I make in a month(don't worry I wont be be running to las vegas and betting my pay check). Although it would be nice if I could put my knowlegde to work somehow. this reminds me about my frustration at work
all my sports knowledge is worthless as it seems that all anyone wants to talk about is NASCAR. NASCAR is one of the few sports that I don't give at rats tuchuus about. It's the same boring stuff no one watched 20 years ago yet some how all of a sudden
it's all anybody(at least anyone who walks into Oxarc talks about). Every sponsorship tie in I have seen regarding welding companies has been race car related with NASCAR being the most common.Half of frigin espn sports center lately seems to be dedicated to Nascar these day. Arggggggh!!!!

Anywho the fight were not as good as I had hoped. The live special on spike TV was considerably better then the ppv. The fighters on the special may not have been as talented but the match ups were far more entertaining. kinda like the huskey cougar game was far more entertaining then the Seahawk 49er's game.

Pro wrestler Eddie Gurrero passed away last week. Mr. Gurrero was one of the very few modern day pro wrestlers that I actually enjoyed watching (if I were flipping the channels I would stop if Eddie was performing). Anyone who payed money to watch mr. Gurerro perform got their moneys worth as he seemed to be giving 100 % anytime I watched him (unlike a certain bald reality show star who spent most of his career mailing in his in ring performances). To many young fans Gurerro was their Jimmy snuka. Eddie Gurerro death is tragic and any sports reporter or columnist who makes lite of it is a $#&*#$%!

I went by grandfathers tonight we watched monday night football until halftiime. He is in good spirits except that his legs are bothering him.

I found it ironic that I read about my brother Danny's fluffy sienfeld shirt and lo and behold I turn on the TV and that particular episode is on.



Mike Barer said...

Fast cars, fried chicken, what more do you need?

Danny Barer said...

The "puffy shirt" episode -- complete with the "low talker" --is one of my favorite Seinfelds (along with the "Master of Your Domain" episode). Every time I put on the shirt, I think of Jerry whining, "But I don't wanna be a pirate!" It's apparently popular with other people, since the "puffy shirt" is on the box for the latest Seinfeld DVD set.