Sunday, November 13, 2005

Les schwab k mart and the used food store

I went over to grandfathers yesterday. WE Watched football for a couple of hours. then we ate lunch. Grandfather wanted to get his winter tires on so we went to sears to get the tire changed.
when we arrived we found out that sears automotive dept in ww is closed permanently. So then we went to the used food store. grandfather wasn't looking for food he was looking for a new winter jacket(the store sometime stocks inexpensive coats). They had none in stock. Then we went to bi-mart they didn't have much of a coat selection either. OUR next stop was les shwab where we got the tires changed. Then we went over to K Mart and grandfather got a new winter Jacket. He seemed happy with the days excursion.


Danny Barer said...

What the hell is a "used food store"? Is it a fertilizer depot?

steve said...

It's actually the canned food grocerey outlet. Over the years i have affectionaly referred to it as the used food store. Their are some good buys to be found their but some of the stuff is a bit scary/outdated. I don't mean to sound like a snob but the clientel their can be a bit different too. It is has been grandfathers favorite place to shop and has been part of our regular saturday shopping routine for the several years.

Erik Mann said...

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Jill said...

I just googled "used food store" and it brought me to your blog. My co-worker was detailing her prior evening the other day and mentioned that she took her mother shopping at the "used food store" and I knew exactly what she meant!

Mayhaps you're somewhat related :p