Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BUBKES DRECK from a pair of GONIFS in the news this week

As I have have said before on this blog I don't need to have a rooting interest in a game or a political contest to enjoy watching the proceedings. I usually just sit back and enjoy the show with little if any emotional involvement.

My Grandfather on the other hand watched sports and politics with the zeal of a pro wrestling fan. Cheering the mensh and booing the momzer. While interjecting the occasional Yiddish word or phrase.

This post is in grandfathers honor.

I found two people in the news this week that are so irritating they have even been able to get under MY skin.

Mitt Romney needs a klop in kop

While I would urge UCLA alumni to put down their lokshen and examine the whole Rick Neuheisel mishegoss at the U.W. Then ask your administration fahr vuss.



Mike Barer said...

UCLA is for Rick Neuheissel, what Washington is for Jim Mora, the dream job. He will win and take them to a few bowl games before he takes off and leaves the program in shambles.
I'm sure UCLA is his last stop, then he will probably resume his law practice. Hopefully he will parachute out wealthy, we need villains in our lives.

Anonymous said...
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