Friday, May 30, 2008

June 1987 Lakers, Celtics and Danny's graduation

Tonight the Boston Celtics defeated the Detroit Pistons to earn a trip to the NBA finals. The Celtics opponent in the championship series will be the L.A. Lakers .

It's been 21 years since these two historic teams have met in a NBA finals. The day the Lakers vanquished the Celtics and won the 1987 championship I was in L.A. (Westwood to be exact) attending my brother Danny's graduation. I also vividly remember the legendary Ella Fitzgerald singing at the ceremony(the commencement ceremony not the basketball game).


Mike Barer said...

I remember that year, the irony of the Lakers having the best record in the NBA and the Clippers having the worst record in the NBA. It makes you wonder why anyone would go see the Clippers.

Danny Barer said...

Of course, like many things in LA, the graduation ceremony was a fake, at least for me. I ended up finishing my degree in the summer after the graduation ceremony; and only received my undergrad diploma during my first few months of law school.

Alas, Ella sang only a few notes, and didn't speak at the ceremony. It didn't match the UCLA graduation I attended in 1985, at which Carol Burnett spoke eloquently about the anonymous donor who enabled her to attend UCLA.