Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

The other day I posted a version of the Wide World of Sports theme that was missing the thrill of victory agony of defeat line.

This is a 1970's version featuring the amazing flexibility of Olga Korbut.

Now we learn a little about the ski jumper Mr. Bogataj

Finally here is a 1982 version with the 1980 Olympic hockey team representing the thrill of victory.


Danny Barer said...

Whoever put the clips together for these opening credits was a master at conveying the marvel of kinetic movement and human effort. I particularly like the closeup of Korbut's face, showing the strain even as she bends her body into a human pretzel with seeming effortlessness.

But does Evel Knievel jumping his motorcycle really count as "sports?"

steve said...

Knievels apperances on wide world of sports are what made him famous.

Marce said...

Hi Steve - Where on Earth did you get these clips? Could you possibly find the one with some Motocross in it? Or advise me where I might find it? My boyfriend is a spectator in one of these, and immortalized in this footage somewhere, but not in any of the ones that you have on this blog. I would like to surprise him with it if you could help me find it!

Incidentally...I agree Evel is an athlete - albeit a drunk - he was/is a legend!! When I was four, I broke my leg skiing in my part of the country - New Hampshire - he was jumping the Volkswagens in your neck of the woods - Portland, OR. That night, my friend had to wait in the ER. Recently, he recalled the night of my accident - and fondly - because he got to watch the jump from the waiting room at the hospital! He was overjoyed because the picture on the TV there was way better than the one at his house!

PS: I like Hillary - I introduced her at a Family Medical Leave Act speech at our local YWCA, and I was on her website for the longest time. Now I'm not. Hmmm. And no - I did not get tipped, either. Should I complain? Obama pays his people!! More fodder for you!