Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A mind numbing trip down the information superhighway

I was surfing the Internet over the weekend and I read that Jessica Beal had just turned 26. I thought wait a minute how could she have starred in Flash Dance 25 years ago and only be 26 I know she was young then but thats ridiculous.... So I did a little more research and found out I was confusing Jessica Beal with Jennifer Beals.

I use to think I knew what was going on in the world. I think I am starting to get middle age man disease. So I took an hour or so to study the careers of these two fine actresses. This post is the result of hours of pain staking research.

Jessica Beal got her start has a child actress and model.
Here she is on Late Night with David Lettermen discussing her first big break

She has appeared in classic movies such as Blade Trinity and I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.

Jennifer Beal has appeared in over 50 movies and T.V. shows. Her most famous role being Alex the dancing welder in the American movie classic Flash Dance. I have been involved in the welding industry for fourteen years now and I have never met anyone quite like Alex. Although I did meet a female welding student who was a registered nurse and had decided to change careers.

Here's the music video from Flash Dance

Now Jennifer Beals stars in the Showtime original series the L word. It's the only T.V. show I have ever seen that has the F word in it's opening theme song.

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Danny Barer said...

You are most definitely not getting middle age man disease. You cannot be a middle-aged man, because you're my younger brother.

You probably haven't met welders like Alex from Flashdance because they stay all alone as they cry silent tears full of pride.