Monday, December 03, 2007

What A Difference 39 Years Makes

Last year on ESPN I watched freestyle Motor cross star Mike Metzger jump the fountain at Caesars palace with a back flip thrown in for style points.

I found two clips on you tube that chronicled the quest to jump the fountain at Caesars. The attempts span 39 years and demonstrate tremendous progress in technology.

I also find these clips interesting in terms of comparing the charisma and presence of the the men who attempted the jumps.

Gary Wells and Robbie Knievel were charismatically challenged.
Mike Metzger has charisma and makes some money in endorsements,but their was not a Mike Metzger action figure in every kids stocking last holiday season. Evel Knievel had a larger than life aura, his type of fame is becoming rare in a world where their are so many different entertainment options.

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