Thursday, December 22, 2005

If It's Wednesday it's er Wake up honey

I rushed over to the animal clinic after work last night. Dawn and I then went over to visit grandfather. On the way home i picked up a salad at safeway and ate it over at Dawn's. then I went home promising to return in time for project runway. At 10:00
I returned. Dawn was sound asleep.Me: "honey wake up the show is on" Dawn "mumble"
"honey the show is on" Dawn " ". Then I went to plan b and started gently shaking her Dawn: "I'll wake up in a minute". A minute went by and she was still not up. I shook her more vigrously Dawn: "love..knock it off ". at this point i was flumoxed
then i asked myself what would Jimmy Snuka do.Then it occured to me, the superfly leap. The famous move Jimmy Snuka did in 1983 in madison square garden against Don Muraco. I know you're asking yourself, what did this move consitst of. Well, No one has described it better then Mick Foley did in his book HAVE A NICE DAY! "A TALE OF BLOOD AND SWEATSOCKS". Take it away Mick

"Immediately, Snuka climbed to the top rope, and the garden stood in unison"
"All it took was one glance upward, at the steel mesh that surounded him, and the garden started to buzz. A loud buzz that grew with each upward step that Snuka made.
After all these years it's still the most impressive site I have ever seen-the muscular Snuka standing bare foot on top the cage, his face a mask of crimson, while flashbulbs bathed him in light. In a moment it was over, but the memories will live with me forever. It was a defining moment in my life-it was then I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a wrestler, but even more, I wanted to make people feel the way I had just felt."

So as I stood on top of the dresser in Dawn's room ready to do the superfly leap several things occured to me.
1. I am not Jimmy Snuka
2. Dawn is not the magnificiant Muraco.
3. Unlike Mick Foley I never realy wanted to be a pro wrestler.Although I really did
enjoy pretending to be one when I was nine years old, but darn it I am in my
mid thirties now.
4. I don't think Dawn would aprreciate it much.

So I finally decide to get off the cag... I mean dresser.
OK back to reality, or at least reality TV that is.
Project Runway:

I was not terribly inspired by this show. So darn it all to heck I am not going to review it.


Mike Barer said...

Maybe you should write about Goldberg.

Mike Barer said...

Hi Steve-
Had some business to do on the computer and read you blog-you and Mike should both be writers! I was cracking up at your super-fly impression! Too funny!
Thanks for taking such great care of grandfather-you are the best!
Say hi to Dawn!

Mike Barer said...

Oops-should have proofed that entry-sorry for the misspellings and I guess I should have signed my name!
Deb-aka most-favoritist-sister-in-law in all of Belmont Woods!