Wednesday, October 26, 2005

welcome once again to the game that never ends

I got home at about 5:30 last night and they were just throwing out the first pitch of game three of the world series. I really wasn't watching the game. At seven I went over to Dawn's
and the game was on the fourth inning and houston was leading 4-0. An hour later I went over to see grandfather (who, seems to be doing very well ) and we decided to turn on the the game was in the 7th and the white sox led 5-4. We watched the game untill 9:00
when the game went into extra inning. I left did some shopping andwent home and logged onto the computer. I did'nt even check on the game figuring it had to be over. At about 10:45 I stopped by Dawn's (she was still up watching a movie with her daughter) . Just for the heck of it I switched the channel to the game as I joked it might still be on. Much to my amazment is was still in in the 13th inning. The game continued on into the fourteenth inning lasting almost 6 hours.
It reminded me of a tennis match where John Mcenroe played mats willander and when the match started I was in Walla Walla and five hours latter I arrived in Seattle BY car and the match was still going in the fifth set.

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Mike Barer said...

The TV ratings this year have got to be abyssmal.