Sunday, October 23, 2005


This in and of it's self is not news. The hawks when have won lots of games in the last 15 years. Most of these wins have been againt week teams in boring games where the seahawks managed to fuster cluck their way to victory.

It's not the curse of the bambino (the boston red sox) or the curse of shooless Joe (the white sox) but hawk fans are long suffering.

Season after season of high expectations have turned to mediocrity and ineptness.
First round draft picks have been spent on quarterbacks (stoufer, mcguire) who have had a cup
of coffee in the leauge and disapeared into obscurity. Big money has been spent on wide receivers who new how to get open but never quite figured how to catch the darn football.
Everytime the hawks have drawn in the fans and made them start to care. The Hawks have either pulled defeat from the jaws of vitory or simply gotten their tucchuses kick.

Today the seahwks came through for once. In front of a enthusaistic crowd at qwest feild (including Dan our UPS guy). The seahawks defense did a wonderfull job keeping the team in the game. The offense came through at the end scoring a late game tying touchdown. Then the hawks recieved an early christmas/hannukah/qwanza present as our friend Drew Bledsoe did what cougars are prone to do (He coug it) throwing an interception that set up a game winning hawk field goal on the last play of the game.

Will this change the hawks (and their fans) luck. Or is this another case of the team raising the fans hopes only to leave them feeling like they have been kicked in the solarplexus ( or slightly lower)?

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Mike Barer said...

The best thing we as Hawks fans can do at this point is enjoy the moment. Stop worrying about what will happen in 2 weeks.