Monday, September 19, 2005

Yipeeee kai sir

Last Thursday I went to the Pendleton Round up. I had mentioned to Dawn that I never gone to it before and she informed me that the animal clinic had tickets. So on thursday Dawn and i along with Dawn's coworker liz aka the lizzard/ cindy from Walmart and the lizards neice shawna took of for Pendleton. It was a beautiful day and I had fun. Although their something about being amongst all the those cowboys that made me alittle unsettled. Dawn and I stopped by the world famous let'r buck room. Dawn was feeling clausterphobic (and I can understand why) and we quickly left. I really did enjoyed the hall of fame next door which detailed the 95 year history of the round up. all in all I had a good time but I don't think i will be rushing back next year.


Mike Barer said...

What I remember about Pendleton was The Marsh's. They used to come to Walla Walla around the high holidays. It was another rare chance to hang with Jewish kids my age. There was Debbie, Becky and a boy who's name I think was Steve or something. There Dad owned a men's clothing shop in Pendleton. Since all of the other Jewish people in Walla Walla were old it was good to have kids come to town that you could hang with during services.

Danny Barer said...

I used to march in the Pendleton Roundup Parade when I was in the Garrison Junior High Marching Band. Since there were lots of horses in the parade, marching required some fancy stepping. I also narrowly escaped getting run over, gored, or both by a runaway bull.