Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the sleepy time show

Dawn often times has problems sleeping. To help her sleep she often sets the timer on her TV.
Her favorite sleepy time show is Law and Order. I began to wonder about the cast changes on the show because every episode I watch seems to have a different assistant ADA. I finally found this flow chart that details the cast changes that have taken place during the shows 15 year run.


girl_sedated said...

I am a Law & Order maniac and have probably seen all episodes but it is cool to have a link for the casting changes ;)
TNT & USA both have L&O marathons daily (let Dawn know in case she hasn't found them yet)... ;)

girl_sedated said...

I like your tuchas and hamentachen line ;)... one of the best variations I have heard of the "i'm all out of bubble-gum" line ;)

steve said...

Thanks Anea
The funny thing is I don't think Dawn has ever watched a non syndicated episode of Law @ Order.
She also gets irritated any time TNT has the audacity to preempt
L@O with sports and She will really be upset when she realizes that wrestling is coming back to the USA network.

Speaking of Wrestling I probably should give credit to Roddy Piper who claims to have ad libed the bubble-gum line.

Unknown said...

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