Sunday, July 24, 2005

I have had more than enough reality this week. allow me step back into my childhood fantasy world. I canot look at these old pictures and not smile. Besides Jimmy Snuka nothing quite captured my imagination like the rivalry between Buddy Rose and Roddy Piper. By 1978 Roddy Piper had managed to get him self blackballed by most of the promoters around the country because he would never "follow the script". Northwest promter Don Owen brought Roddy to the northwest and gave him and Rose the freedom to do their thing. what followed was a year and a half of some the most entertaining pro wrestling TV I have ever seen. Rose and Piper had exciting matches and cut promos (interviews) that were absolutely priceless. Piper's success in Portland launched him to supperstardom culminating in headlining the first wrestle mania opposite Hulk Hogan and becoming one of the most recognized wrestlers in the world. Posted by Picasa

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