Monday, July 11, 2005

B. Barer & Son nostalgia. Two cancelled checks from 1944 signed by uncle Dave and one check from 1929 signed by my grandfather Barer. Posted by Picasa


Mike Barer said...

Awesome, Steve. I've even thought of starting a blog for B.Barer & Sons. How much of that stuff can you get your hands on?

girl_sedated said...

WOW! What a treat to see Papa Dave's handwriting! :) It would be cool to have a B Barer & Sons blog site that the whole family could post on ;)

Mike Barer said...

I saw that Lee had some comments on his blog from last Novemer on B. Barer and Walla Walla I wanted to jump in but I guess I need an account for that one too.

As far as B.Barer and Sons blog. Maybe it should merit discussion. I really don't have anything to put on but memories.