Thursday, June 02, 2005

WOW! people actually read this stuff

thank for all the comments.
so cal bro.
in response to your comments
Both my brothers were an inspiration.
I do not currently have the capability to upload pictures on the internet.
Girl sedated
I am currently working at oxarc.
oxarc is the company that bought B. BARER @ SONS.
I sell welding supplies, safety supplies, and bunch of other stuff
If you come to walla walla please give me a call.


Lee Goldberg said...

I'm sure this is a wonderful blog full of wit and wisdom...if only I could read it.

Mike Barer said...

I did not get a chance to read your third post and now it is gone. That is kind of a bummer.

Mike Barer said...

Well you had a great start--it's time to get writing again.

Mike Barer said...

Danny sent me some tips that were helpful. I'll forward letter on to you.

Erik Mann said...

Hi - I really like your blog. I have a website on japanese karate that you might find of interest. Here's the link. Have a look at it and let me know what you think.