Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Last Barer In All Of South Eastern Washington

I had no idea their were so many Barers blogging on the internet.
It kind of looks like fun so i figured i would get myself set up.

Hi my name is Steven Jacob Barer
I am the last Barer in all of Walla Walla. I am going to use this space to talk
about my life in Walla Walla with my grandfather Ed Granek and my tag team partner/ girlfriend the beautiful Dawn Marie.

I will also write about what ever pops into my head.

Soooo thanks for stopping buy and remember.



Danny Barer said...


Cool! I'd like to think I inspired it, but who knows.

Can you post some photos? Grandfather sent me the two columns about you and Dawn from the Union-Bulletin.

All the best,
Your SoCal Bro

Mike Barer said...

Wow! I would never have expected you to have one. It could use some links and pictures.

Brilliant Author said...

I was recently asked if every Barer had packed up and moved out of Walla Walla after decades of ruling the universe of red and yellow brass. I thought Danny had also forsaken Walla Walla, but now I discover that he is still there in the town so nice, they named it twice!

Burl Barer

girl_sedated said...

Welcome to the blogging world, fellow Barer :) I have (strangely enough) been contimplating going back to Walla Walla sometime in the near future. What are you doign in Walla now days?

Mike Barer said...

Note to brilliant--Steve is the one still in Walla Walla. Danny is in LA

girl_sedated said...

Good Catch Mike ;) Gotta give my dad trouble whenever we can ;)

Tracy W. said...

Hey cool idea!

Jan Barer Curran said...

Welcome to our blogging world! Hey, can you change your color of type from red to anything else? But not green. I happen to know that my son Lee Goldberg, being color blind, will never be able to read any red words and maybe Tod won't, either.
Okay, I don't know anything about Dawn. Fill me in.
I'm due to come to WW2 for my class reunion the end of August.
You in the phone book? I'll email you prior, anyway.
Gosh just had to create a blog account on here to make a comment.. How did Burl and Anea do it without creating one or did they, too. Go on over to with the rest of us, Steve, easy for folks to leave a comment. . nothing to join.

Mike Barer said...

It's time to start writing again mister.