Friday, October 23, 2009

The USFL And Donald Trump

This week Espn aired a documentary discussing the rise and fall of the USFL.

The film casts Donald Trump as the bad guy who hastened the leagues demise. Trump bought into the league in it's second season. He quickly gained great influence when league Founder Jouhn Bassett was stricken with brain cancer. Where Basett was committed to spring football the Donald was heck bent on moving the league to a fall schedule and competing directly with the NFL.

Under The Donald's leadership the USFL sued the NFL accusing it of being a monopoly. The USFL won the suit but only received an award of $1. The league then had to fold up it's tent after three seasons.

In This clip producer Mike Tollin talks about his history with The league and Trump

In this clip former ESPN anchor Charlie Steiner gives his unlattering opinion of the Donald. Interestingly Keith Jackson was also shown during the film and says pretty much the same thing Steiner says.

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Mike Barer said...

There was a WFL with a team called the "Portland Storm". This was about the time that the World Hockey League became a rival to the NHL. I think they were trying to duplicate the ABA, which itself folded in the late 70s, leaving only San Antonio, Indiana, and New Jersey.