Monday, October 06, 2008

Time to spring into action

Two weeks ago I wondered into the computer with the intention of spending a quick minute or two on the computer. My quick minute turned into a quick hour. When I got up from the computer I creaked. Then I started getting ready for bed. I stood on the bathroom scale and weighed 195lb. That was it was time for a change.

First I got Dawn and myself memberships at the YMCA. While their after we singed up I confirmed my old karate class was still meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Then I went around the corner from our house to the local mixed martial arts gym and signed up.

So now I've scheduled myself for two nights a week of karate and to nights a week of jujitsu or some mixture of those classes four nights a week.

How will it go?

Will my thirty seven year old body hold up?

Ahh.... I guess will find out.

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