Friday, September 05, 2008

....Ah I guess we're not going to Portland

Dawn knows if they ever have A UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) In Portland We will not be two of the millions watching at home... We Will be two of the thousands in attendance.

Early in the summer rumors began circulating about a possible UFC in Portland. Then the rumors got more specific the event would be in November. Then the rumors trailed off. Then the word on the virtual street was that UFC 91 would be in Montreal not Portland. Unfortunately for fight fans in Montreal the premiere venue in the city the Bell Center is booked by the hockey team for every Saturday in November. So at that point it was almost a forgone conclusion that the November show would be in Portland. Making the speculation even more exiting was word that UFC legend Randy Couture might be settling his differences with the company and headlining the show in Portland.

Well Couture did settle his differences with the company and A blockbuster fight was announced for...........Las Vegas. Yes, The bout between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar was deemed to big for Portland and will take place in Vegas. So no trip to Portland for us.

The fight is such it big deal it even got coverage by ESPN. ESPN boxing and mixed martial arts coverage has absolutely no rhyme or reason. One fight will get wall to wall coverage and the next month a fight that is equally big will not get any mention.

Well the day after Couture and Lesnar's bout was announced they were all over ESPN

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Danny Barer said...

So why not go to Las Vegas? You could take in some boxing matches while you're there. You could even see Barry Manilow at the Hilton. (Alas, Star Trek: The Experience has closed.)