Monday, August 04, 2008


Wednesday July 30th we packed up the car and along with our poodles we headed towards the greater Seattle area. I had intended on getting to Kirkland by 4:00 so I would have plenty of time to hang out with my dad. Unfortunately we got going late then I realized I forgot my asthma medicine and had to go back and get it. When I finally got to the outskirts of Kirkland I was quite late then to make things worse I got confused about which exit to take and I ended up in Bothel. By the time I got to my dad's condo we had to jump right back into the car and head for Issaquah.

We followed Dad and Regina to Issaquah and met Mike, Deborah, Donna, Ethan, Conner, And Cherie for dinner at the Shanghi. The shaven noodles and strawberry chicken were delicious. Conner then informed us their would be a surprise birthday cake. Moments latter a chocolate cake arrived. It was very good. I received several very nice birthday presents (thanks everybody). We then headed to Maple Valley and called it an evening.

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Mike Barer said...

Wow, a multi-part trip report. Looks like I started something!