Monday, April 02, 2007

Buddy Jumps into the drink

Late yesterday afternoon I decided I would enjoy the beautiful day by walking our poodle Buddy to the park. I tried to get Dawn to walk with us but she was to cozy on the couch.So Buddy and I were on our own, or so we thought. when we got to pioneer park we circled the big duck pond then I looked up and their was Dawn on her bike, Dawn was about 40 yards away Buddy was so excited I let go of his leash and he sprinted over to Dawn. Then he ran back and forth like a nut. then he saw a duck and chased it, when the duck jumped into the water Buddy dove in after it.I don't know if he had ever swam before but he finally decided to turn around and get out of the pond. Needless to say he got a bath when he got home.


Danny Barer said...

It sounds like Buddy is a hyper hound. He might need some doggie downers.

Unknown said...

Glad that the story has a happy ending. Maybe you should have him on a choke collar.

steve said...

He really is a very good dog. As Alan Greenspan would say he just had a moment of irrational exuberance.