Wednesday, August 03, 2005

From the Bonsai Bistro to the El Sombrero

I finally was able to get out of town! Dawn and I made it to Couer D' Alene Idaho for my birthday. We stayed one night at the Couer d' Alene resort and Dawn treated me to a fun dinner at the Bonsai Bistro, which was across the street from the hotel. While we were their the weather was perfect and the lake was beautiful. We both really enjoyed the trip.

Last friday while I was at work Richard Gradwohl (father of my long time friend Mark) dropped by and gave me some wonderfull chocolate chip cookies his wife Betty had made for me as a birthday present. I stopped by Tuesday to thank Betty in person. Much to my surprise Mark was there. He was just passing through on his way back from a vacation to the oregon coast with his girlfriend Claudia. They were just heading out to dinner and invited me to come along. I had a great time visiting with them.


Mike Barer said...

Boy, Steve, it sounds like your 10 heavier than you were a couple of weeks ago.

steve said...

Darn it all to heck, not only have I put on a few pounds, I looked in the mirror this morning and saw a few new grey hairs.